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What do you need to create growth in your business? New theories and ideas, a larger network or perhaps a leading hand? Whatever you are looking for, we have business advisors who can help you on your growth journey. Tillväxt Malmö offers free, personal and professional guidance that will help you take your Malmö company to the next level. Email us at and we will return to you as soon as possible.

Business Development

Our main focus is business development for Malmö based companies with 5-50 employees that want to grow. We can meet over a singel meeting or on a more regular basis, it depends on your needs and wishes. We also offer a growth analysis - free of charge - were we find the best potential for growth in your company.

Maxa Malmö

Maxa Malmö is our annual event with Speed Dates between investors and entrepreneurs. Maxa Malmö is the perfect venue for new business opportunities and networking.

We help your company grow 🌱

About Tillväxt Malmö

Tillväxt Malmö is part of the foundation UppstartMalmö
– a unique collaboration between private corporations and the city of Malmö. TillväxtMalmö offers personal and qualified business development for Malmö companies with growth ambitions.

Personalized business development

Our business developers have experience of working both operationally and strategically with marketing, e-commerce, sales, leadership, staff, HR, pedagogy, PR and communication, coaching, business development and running their own businesses.

Meet Malmö’s leading investors

In our network we have some of Malmö’s leading investors and company leaders. A meeting with the right person can help your company get to the next level.

Partners and advisors

Our close collaboration with advisors and partners means that we can easily lead you to the right company orperson to help you grow your business. Our partners consist of a wide range of companies from different areas such as banking, accounting, education,marketing andfinance.

Why Tillväxt Malmö?

We offer personal and qualified business development for Malmö companies with growth ambitions. Since our beginning in 2011, we have helped over 300 companies grow their businesses. Our business developers have long experiences of running both their own companies and working in high positions in the corporate world. Together, we will analyse and focus on the areas that can create growth in your particular business. Sometimes growth goes fast, sometimes a little slower. Regardless of your company's growth speed, we will be with you every step of the way. But not only that, our services are also completely free of charge.

To join Tillväxt Malmö, your company needs to:
• be based in Malmö
• have between 5-50 employees
• have paying customers
• have a desire to grow

Your growth is our reward!

The expertise and experience of our business developers

With long experience in various positions in business, our business developers have accumulated knowledge and lessons that help your business grow.

Events with useful, knowledgeable and inspiring meetings

Learn from other interesting entrepreneurs and experts at our various meetings. We regularly hold talks, seminars and network gatherings to spread inspiration and knowledge

The expertise of our partners and investors

We work closely with both partners and investors who generously share their expertise and time with our Axxa companies.

Big network

Tillväxt Malmö has built up a large network of entrepreneurs and companies. Contacts that we are happy to share with you to help you move forward.

our TEAM

About us

Our business advisors have long experience of the corporate world. With backgrounds in different positions and managerial roles, they have extensive knowledge about organizations, development and how to create the right conditions for increased business growth.Contact us on and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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